Patient Access to Electronic Health Data v. Privacy/ Security Concerns

According to a recent survey of U.S. consumers:

  • 69% of those with chronic health conditions believe patients should have the right to access all of their healthcare information
  • 51% believe that accessing their medical records online outweighs the privacy risks
  • Consumers with chronic conditions had greater privacy concerns regarding online banking (70%), in-store credit card use (69%) and online shopping (68%), than their concern over privacy of their electronic medical record (65%)
  • 87% of U.S. consumers say they want to control their health data, but 55% believe they currently do not have very much control

Source: “Majority of U.S. Consumers with Chronic Conditions Believe Accessing Medical Records Online Outweighs Privacy Risks, According to Accenture Survey,” Accenture Press Release, May 5, 2014,