Meaningful Use, the Technology, the User or the Policy?

The gloves are off and many are now shouting their distain for Meaningful Use from rooftops. Like many before it, the policy was bred out of hope for positive change in U.S. healthcare system, but has it done more bad than good?  30 billion dollars devoted to creating healthcare IT standards and computerizing healthcare organizations in an attempt to forge the digital pathway for the American healthcare system and to what avail, many are asking? I think the bigger question is why is it so difficult for this industry to go digital, why is it even a debate, every other industry is digital so why then, is taking our #1 Gross National Product and making it accountable to the digital standards of other industries so difficult?

Many want to go back to the beginning, to review the history of federal IT policy, some want to blame the vendors who create the EHR software and it’s inefficiencies, while others are content to point out that in order to make a technology successful you must first utilize it in the intended way, pointing their set of fingers at healthcare providers who implement technology but do not utilize it meaningfully.

Two recently published articles, “EHRs continue to be a challenge to HHS, published by, Healthcare IT News, and Meaningful use: Born: 2009—died 2014?, published by, Wachter’s World, address the above mentioned issues, however not in their entirety. This is not an easy battle to win but it is a fight worth having, none of these challenges are singularly to blame, but each are responsible in part to hindering the intended goal of transitioning a historically paper world of healthcare to the digital age. The best approach to reaching this common goal is to elicit consultants who have successfully obtained this feat and make it their mission to implement best practices. In the words of Heraclitus, “Big results require big ambitions.”

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